What is BlueSpec?

BlueSpec is a miniature-sized spectrometer that measures both UV and high energy blue light. The device can demonstrate both quantitatively and qualitatively hazardous blue light exposure (420nm–460nm) from light sources (halogen, fluorescent, LED, etc.) and every day devices, like smartphones, tablets, computer screens.

BlueSpec does not require batteries but relies on the power source from an iphone or ipad.

Blue Light Measurement

BlueSpec detects levels of hazardous blue light and presents these values via a simple user interface on an iphone or ipad. Once measured, a blue blocking lens can be placed in front of the BlueSpec detector to demonstrate the reduction in blue light as a value or percentage. This is a great way to demonstrate how blue blocking lens technology can reduce blue light from electronic devices. The process takes less than a minute.

UV Measurement

BlueSpec can also help you demonstrate which lenses (photochromic and polarized lenses, etc.) will also provide protection against UV.