What is Cliradex?

Cliradex is a special proprietary formulation developed through years of research for an all natural cleanser that effectively cleans the lashes, eyelids and face. Our scientists focused their efforts on key essential oils, which have a robust history dating back thousands of years. Using Cliradex as directed is an effective way to keep your eyelids and skin clean, comfortable and healthy. A commitment to regular eyelash and eyelid skin cleansing is important for people with eye conditions like blepharitis, ocular rosacea, dry eye, conjunctivitis and other eye disorders.

What are Ocular Lid Cleansers?

Ocular lid cleansers have been around for years, but have been traditionally derived from man-made chemicals. Much like using soap and water, traditional lid cleansers are another way to cleanse the skin around the eyes, as well as the lashes. Cliradex ocular lid cleanser now offers an all natural preservative free approach.

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How is Cliradex Different?

Our scientists wanted to achieve something that no other company had accomplished - to develop a lid cleanser that was derived from the best nature had to offer. They focused their efforts on a special variety of tea tree oil, Melaleuca Alternifolia. They further refined their research to isolate a key constituent, called 4-Terpineol, an organic compound that safely and effectively cleans and sooths the skin and lash area.

Why an Essential Oil?

Essential oils have a long history of providing natural holistic and beneficial effects for humans. Some oils have a naturally calming ability on the body where others alleviate sunburns or even nausea. Essential oils are not really oils at all, but liptic acids. They make up the "essential" elements of the plant, such as the plants immune system. Since our bodies are made up of lipids, essential oils are recognized as part of the body and rapidly absorbed. Essential oils are made up of small molecules, which allow them to penetrate cells and disperse throughout the body within minutes. Essential oils are a precious commodity in many cultures, as it typically takes 1 ton of plant material to produce just 1 gallon of essential oil, not to mention the beneficial effects on the body.


What are the Patient Instructions for Cliradex?

It's quite simple. Simply wash and dry your hands and remove any makeup, if applicable. Remove one towelette, locate the tear tab in the top corner and tear the package from top to bottom. Remove the moist towelette, unfold and apply to a closed eye and apply in a side to side motion to cover the eyelashes, lid and surrounding skin. Do not squint, as this will cause the lid skin to fold over preventing complete coverage. You will immediately notice a cool, refreshing menthol-like feeling on the skin, which is unique to Cliradex. Do not wash off the Cliradex solution, but allow it to dry. Repeat for the other eye, and discard the towelette. If you happen to get some of the formulation into the eye, simply irrigate the eye with saline solution or with clean tap water.

Visit the Cliradex website for more info.