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The MP-eye Macular Pigment Analyzer is a simple 1-minute test that provides the ability to assess and track a patient's macular pigment density over time.

The MP-eye identifies those patients susceptible to damage from high- energy visible light. Protective pigments in the eye block damaging light and act as antioxidants, the strength of these natural defences are dependent upon lifestyle and genetics. Low Macular Pigment density is associated with reduced contrast sensitivity and the inability to deal with glare or scatter as well as risk for Age-Related Macular Degeneration.
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The MP-eye test provides a starting point for meaningful conversations with patients of all ages about the importance of diet, optical coatings, sunglasses and ocular supplements. Test results empower those with low defences to understand why they need to take action and the practice is given a tangible tool to guide patients to products specific to their needs.

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